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This website will document action and progress since the Launch of the Search at Sydney Film Festival on 14 June 2010.

The project is to recover a truly Australian film  starring Grant Taylor and Charles Tingwell.
Filming for 'Captain Thunderbolt' was done in the New England region of New South Wales, Australia, early in 1951. Interiors at Pyrmont wool store and at Pagewood Studios, Sydney.
Recorded at Supreme Sound.

Directed by Cecil Holmes. Photography by Ross Wood, Sound recording by Robert Allen, Art Direction by Keith Christie, Editing by Margaret Cardin.

Colour image detail from one-sheet poster,
courtesy Allan Osborne collection. BW detail from NFSA website.

The Sunday Herald in Sydney in April 1951 carried a feature article by Max Brown about the production in New England district --

Trade preview January 1953 - no dice. In 1955, a premiere at Armidale NSW and brief release at Lyric in Haymarket/Railway Square, Sydney.
No complete version is now known to exist, nor any of the main film in 35mm format. A Grievous Deficit!
An important Sydney film! Hope you can help!
December 2013: package of scraps of film examined in National Film and Sound Archive. Negative! Only scraps, but it is camera negative! Now in the queue to be catalogued by curators (no time frame known).
2012: Trailer for the film is on YouTube as 'Captain Thunderbolt'. Gives good idea of visual quality of film. Not a good representation of the film itself, since this traileris directed at the B-western market of independent theatres (the only ones who would show the film).
June 2011: Appreciation of Cecil Holmes, written after his death in 1994 by Graham Shirley, with full screenography, on Australian Screen On-line:
May 2011: interview published in Australasian Cinema Studies Vol.5 No.1,id=10901/
(requires subscription to read)
April 2011: mentioned in comment on Film Threat site, where Red Sky at Morning is already listed: .

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